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DSO Technology Solutions

Achieve transformational growth for your dental technology company

DSO Technology Solutions

We help DSOs and leading dental technology companies connect and synergize to create maximal efficacy and growth for both parties.

What do you get with DSO Tech Solutions?

DSO Tech Solutions is powered by two industry leading organizations: The DSO Project and Cellerant Consulting Group. The DSO Project was founded by DSO industry KOL, Dr Jeromy Dixson. They provide DSO’s with complete guidance and coaching to improve all aspects of of their DSO growth and development. Cellerant Consulting Group was founded by another dental industry KOL, Dr Lou Shuman. Cellerant is a unique firm in our industry; the well-established leader in bringing new technologies into dentistry from all over the world.

The combined resources and expertise of these companies has led to a one-of-a-kind 5-step program:
1. Dozens of carefully vetted technologies and products selected based on their ability to benefit DSO’s at multiple levels
2. First of its kind Proof of Concept test period to provide complete confidence in the selected technology prior to purchase
3. Regional implementation and training until the DSO is completely satisfied prior to moving to the next region
4. Project management oversight to ensure a smooth technology implementation process
5. Optional opportunity to bring in national KOL’s for more personalized professional education for doctors and team
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How It Works

DSO Technology Solutions will work with you to greatly increase your exposure to DSO’s, and leverage our network to significantly accelerate your growth in the DSO industry. Our team will identify DSO’s who would benefit from your product or service, and directly introduce you. We provide project management oversight to ensure a smooth integration process, and a variety of other benefits.

What are People Saying?

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Why DSO Technology Solutions

DSO Technology Solutions provides a much-needed solution for the DSO industry. We analyze the current technology used in a DSO, and create a detailed gap analysis including our recommendations for how to best leverage leading-edge technology offered by a variety of dental industry tech firms.

We partner with dozens of leading technology firms, and dozens of DSOs across the country. Our job is to connect the right technology firms with the DSOs who need them in order to take their group to the next level.

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