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DSO Technology Solutions

Why DSO Tech Solutions


DSO Tech Solutions is powered by two industry leading organizations: The DSO Project and Cellerant Consulting Group. The DSO Project was founded by DSO industry KOL, Dr Jeromy Dixson. They provide DSO’s with complete guidance and coaching to improve all aspects of of their DSO growth and development. Cellerant Consulting Group was founded by another dental industry KOL, Dr Lou Shuman. Cellerant is a unique firm in our industry; the well-established leader in bringing new technologies into dentistry from all over the world.

The combined resources and expertise of these companies has led to a one-of-a-kind 5-step program:
1. Dozens of carefully vetted technologies and products selected based on their ability to benefit DSO’s at multiple levels
2. First of its kind Proof of Concept test period to provide complete confidence in the selected technology prior to purchase
3. Regional implementation and training until the DSO is completely satisfied prior to moving to the next region
4. Project management oversight to ensure a smooth technology implementation process
5. Optional opportunity to bring in national KOL’s for more personalized professional education for doctors and team


DSO Tech Solutions can help accelerate your technology company’s ability to get in front of key decision makers at DSO’s. We will help you speak to the right people in the DSO management team, and leverage our team’s vast network in the DSO space.

In addition, our team has extensive connections with leading dental publications, newsletters, and podcasts to gain additional exposure. Our seasoned team of industry key opinion leaders have developed a program of effective solutions to catapult your company into the DSO market to create synergies available no other way.

Our comprehensive program of promotion, coaching and introductions to DSO’s is the most effective bridge to growing your company in the DSO space.


Running and growing a DSO is a daunting challenge in today’s environment. One key strategy of any good executive team is to leverage knowledgeable experts to guide and advise in areas of expertise not necessarily found on the DSO executive team. The panel of experts at DSO Technology Solutions is exactly what your DSO executive team needs to help assess your needs and guide you to the best technology solutions available on the market today.
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